So, what exactly is the Buick WE4?

- The WE4 is a package that was offered on the 1987 Buick Regals that made it similar to the 1987 Grand National except for the color of the interior, badging, bumper braces, and wheels.

Was the WE4 rare on a 1987 regal?

- Well there was only 1,547 made, so yes.

If the WE4 is rare how can I verify it?

- The RPO Code sticker in the trunk will say "WE4" on it, or on a window sticker with the matching VIN number it would have the option "WE4" on it.

Why buy a WE4 when there is a Grand National, isn't the Grand National better?

-The majority of people who are familiar with the Turbo Ragals know about the Grand Nationals, the WE4 is a mystery to most people who would notice a GN. The WE4 is technical is faster as it came lighter from the factory. If you want a car that looks like a Grand National that is more rare than a Grand National and you don't mind trying to explain to people what the car is then get a WE4.

Why is the WE4 model hardly mentioned?

-Most people just count the WE4 in with the other 7,000 1987 Buick Regal Turbo-T's that were produced.

Do WE4's require different parts (OEM or Aftermarket)?

-No, any part made for a Grand National will work in a WE4, except for certain interior parts.

Where can I find more information on Turbo Regals?

- and their mailing list along with the bulletin board system on