The WE4 (Turbo T) package was offered in Buick's 1987 regals. On November 11, 1986 the dealerships were notified of the change. It was to be offered as a car that is similar in appearance to the Grand National, but lighter in weight. So in theory the WE4 is faster and at a lower price than the Grand National. This was "faster" back in 1987, many of the cars have been modified and with 14 years of age to the car and drivetrain it is not likely that the WE4 holds the same peformance advantage over the Grand National as it once did.

The WE4 package is a much misunderstood option. Even the dealerships are still confused, as they call my car a "T-Type." There were only 1,547 of these cars made compared to the 20,194 Grand Nationals that were made in 1987. It is not the rarest turbo regal but it is still very rare.

The WE4 was simply a Grand National, with some changes. The spoiler was not an option that was included with the package, it could only be ordered as a dealer installed option. The wheels were changed from the steel GN wheels to the aluminum 'T' wheels. The interior was now all gray. It is said that the bumper braces were aluminum instead of the GN's steel braces. Lastly, the WE4 came with 'T' badging.

The WE4 package cost $279 less than the Grand National(WE2) package. Turbo Regals hold their value more than the other G-body cars, just to compare apples to apples. A WE4 would sell for much more than a Monte Carlo SS that was in the same condition. In 20-30 years the WE4 will become more sought after as it is rare yet it will be easy to get parts for (same parts as GN). We will see in the future how the WE4 writes its chapter in Buick Motorsports history.


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